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Adapter for Eppendorf® 96/150µl PCR plate

Adapter / Thermo adapter f
or using with BioShake iQ / BioShake XP


Order number 1808-1041
Name Adapter for Eppendorf® 96/150µl PCR plate
Ideal fit for Eppendorf twin.tec® #0030-128.672, #0030128648
PCR Plate 96, skirted, skirted, 150 µL, PCR clean


Perfect shaped adapters allow an optimal fit for standard tubes, lysis tubes, microplates, glass vials and other sample vessels. An excellent temperature uniformity and homogeneity is guaranteed for all samples. Enjoy a perfectly design of BioShake adapters according to your sample carrier and specification.

A variety of standardized adapters

The exchange of adapter plates can be performed very easily within one minute. 
All adapters will be automatically detected while mounting on the instrument. The allocation of the adapter to a particular category determines the properties. All pending information and indications are shown in the display.